The Secret World WAR

I’m going to wrap this blog up as I don’t feel that WAR is worth bothering with now.

I’m not going to eulogise over what WAR promised and failed to deliver or how it was ruined by dumb production ideas from the “community”
WAR’s only hope is to be taken up by someone who can actually see what potential the Warhammer world has in an MMO and then invest time and energy in developing it – Funcom/Turbine/Cryptic – anyone other than Bioware.

So it’s on with the Secret World – If you see Charles “Hoy” Fort or Howard “Jazz Maverick” Moon give me a wave.


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Warhammer, VMax, Fortean Times, Prog Metal, Guinness
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2 Responses to The Secret World WAR

  1. Turino says:

    Shame to see you go mate. I’ve enjoyed reading.

    Good luck in the Secret World. T.

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