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What Happened There?

Not sure what happened to my last post – it got cut short in its prime. Anyhow – SWTOR – I’ll state at the outset that I was never a great fan of Star Wars – glorified kids stuff – … Continue reading

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No WAR Here – Move On Please

I was away for most of last week – got back Thursday night and started downloading SWTOR. Meanwhile continued my adventures in Skyrim – I’m having a bit of a bother surviving killing dragons. My second kill resulted in a … Continue reading

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WAR – Finally An Update

You go away for a few days (with no access to the internet) and what happens – James Casey breaks his silence. Mykiel posted – Warhammer Online – What lies ahead He was lucky enough to get an interview with … Continue reading

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Bioware WAR Forums – Don’t Go There

The General Discussion Forum is probably at an all time low – I can’t see it sinking much further. Several threads bemoaning the state of support, lack of players and requests for server merges. The problem is that many of the posters … Continue reading

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Skyrim or Warhammer Online?

Spent the weekend in London at the Fortean Times UnCon2011 so I didn’t get much gaming done – I did meet Dan Abnett though and he signed a copy of the Eisenhorn trilogy for me. Judging from the interweb noise, … Continue reading

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Now It’s The Choppa’s Turn

Firstly – congratulations to Mykiel for kicking off the WAR Stratics website and showing enthusiasm for a game that deserves and needs it. Mention should also go to Gaarawarr for putting together the website as a fansite for Wrath of Heroes. … Continue reading

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Mykiel and WAR Stratics

Just when you thought that things in WAR were on a permanent downward slope Mykiel takes over as the Managing Editor of WAR Stratics It’s nice to see that someone still has enthusiasm for the game. The site needs updating … Continue reading

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Dev Discussion – Fortresses – The Return

James Casey would like your ideas on the proposed return of the fortresses – Dev Discussion  It’s based on the info from Werit’s Q&A early on – Werit’s Q&A    

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Warhammer Online – Like An Old Pair Of Slippers

Well, my month away from WAR has ended. Over the past 4 weeks I’ve played LOTRO which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and STO which, although interesting, just didn’t tick all the boxes for me. I think I’ll keep going back to … Continue reading

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