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SWTOR: A Love Story

While playing my Imperial Agent I put my James Bond head on (with a mercenary bent) and so far I’ve bedded two women – or so I assume. The flirt was on, the screen went black and we were then … Continue reading

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I Want To Play WAR

I keep going back to the WAR Bioware forum in the vain hope of finding some little chink of light that will once again awaken my enthusiasm for Warhammer Online. I then saw a tweet from  @JSchabbing linking this video … Continue reading

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Oh Dear! That Didn’t Go As Planned

SWTOR 1.1 hit the servers a little later than planned with several changes – As well as bug fixes etc. it gave us a new flashpoint ‘Kaon Under Siege’ and an expansion to the ‘Karagga’s Palace’ Operation. Anti-aliasing has been enabled to … Continue reading

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No Passion For SWTOR

While off work last week I played a lot of SWTOR  and it dawned on me that I’m really not all that fussed about the SW worlds. I played WAR with many years of GW gaming behind me and I … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For

I believe I mentioned that I would like to spend less time at work and more time gaming – this weekend I ended up with a slipped disk. Ouch! SWTOR still consumes my waking, and now pain-filled, hours and I’m still with … Continue reading

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Dark Millenium News

This was posted on the Farseer forum – It doesn’t mention why this chap should have access to inside information and could be a load of bollocks but it seems genuine. Game Design Notes: Relic is lending a very … Continue reading

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A Psychopath In SWTOR

I recently read Jon Ronson’s The Psycopath Test after attending UnCon 2011 where he gave a talk on the subject; I can highly recommend it – it’s interesting and entertaining but also slightly disturbing. I mention this because last weekend I was levelling up … Continue reading

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WAR – Just The Same Old Bollocks

MMORPG published an interview with James Casey – shame he can’t be arsed to talk to the playerbase directly – Interview – there’s no indication of when it took place. Bear in mind that Mythic find it very convenient to talk … Continue reading

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I Snogged My Companion

My Jedi Knight’s female companion had been showing increased affection for some while now and during a quiet moment in the spaceship she asked why Jedi can’t have fun. As I saw it I could answer the question in 3 … Continue reading

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