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In A Galaxy Far Far Away – It’s Very Very Boring

I’ve given up on  SWTOR – I gave it my best shot but it’s just another generic MMO with a Star Wars shell. I can’t find anything in it to keep my interest and it got to the stage where … Continue reading

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WAR Is Not Quite Dead – Yet

How much effort does it take to put together an email to all subscribers to inform them of changes to a game? I’ll tell you – Bugger all Every time there’s a Beta run for WoH I get an email, … Continue reading

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Cannot See Target

After many weeks of hopping from one character to the next I finally got to the end of a chapter 1 with my Imperial Agent. The quest was Defender of the Empire and I had to defeat Darth Jadus with my sniper … Continue reading

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The Universe Is Big And Getting Emptier

The launch of SWTOR hasn’t been without its problems with some glaring omissions and silly little problems. I would guess a lot of this was due to rushing to get the game out for Christmas in some sort of acceptable … Continue reading

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