The Secret World

After waving goodbye to SWTOR and happily jumping back into WAR along came The Secret World.
As a lifelong reader of all things weird I was rather intrigued with TSW and I wasn’t disappointed.
After a 14Gb download I started life as a member of the Templars and found myself in London get briefed on what’s in store. I chose a shotgun and dressed in camo gear made my way to Kingsport.
Straight into zombie-type territory and Lovecraftian nightmares.
The quests are straight forward with a bit of decent puzzling – judging by the chat the puzzling was a little beyond some people.
There are no classes to choose from – you just level up in whichever weapons you want to go with and there’s a maximum of  7 active and 7 passive abilities so things don’t get overwhelming.
And, joy of joys, you get to see the whole map all at once – unlike some games; I’m looking at you SWTOR – have you not heard of AtoZ or outposts sharing information?
If you like Fortean Times, X-Files, Gothic Horror and Conspiracy Theories then you’ll really get into this game.
I can see me getting the lifetime subscription for this one – it certainly has possibilities.



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