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Where’s Me Hat?

Looks like I’m stuck on the Witch Hunter – it’s the only Order character that looks good in a cloak but where’s the hat? The hat makes the WH but it doesn’t come along for a while yet – I … Continue reading

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Stuck On Norn – Azgal Will Have To Wait

I had a feeling this would happen….. Got the Bright Wizard to 8/10 and decided to drop to the Witch Hunter. My first character on WAR was a WH – it took me about 3 months of learning to play (mostly … Continue reading

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Book Of Boom

I bought Crown Of Destruction (ISBN-10: 193450663X ) from Amazon for a couple of quid last weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find a scratch panel inside with a code for the Book of Boom. It’s just a novelty item – on activating you … Continue reading

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Out With The Old And In With The New

I got the Warrior Priest up to 9/15 with full inf in all 3 regions just before close of play last night. I’ve had a nagging doubt in the back of my mind, since starting the WP, about my other … Continue reading

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WCPI – WAR Blaaagger List

Charlotte at Warhammer Alliance has put together a list a WAR blaaaggers – Nice one Charlotte

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Sunday for me is usually a day of PvE, crafting and general sorting out among all my alts on Azgal. This Sunday I decided to pay a visit to my long-unplayed Order alts on Norn. I haven’t touched them for what … Continue reading

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WCPI – Judgent’s WAR Report

Judgent’s WAR report

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Core Players

I mentioned my idea for a  WAR Core Player group in an earlier post – this was picked up by Charlotte of Warhammer Alliance and there followed a few Tweets between me, Charlotte and Mykiel. Charlotte pointed out that a Core … Continue reading

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Kai’s Blogger Visit Notes

Kai has posted his version of the visit by bloggers to Mythic last week – These are the bullet points: Version 1.4.4 C&C focus on Ranged classes Scenario Quest revisions to match the rotating playlist ORvR Campaign – reintroducing … Continue reading

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T4 At Level 32 – Not As Bad As They Make Out

I’ve spent most of the 50% bonus days on my Zealot who is now 34/49 – the RR is flying in. Don’t listen to those who advise against moving to T4 until absolutely necessary – yeah you get insta-deaded now and again … Continue reading

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