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The Secret World WAR

I’m going to wrap this blog up as I don’t feel that WAR is worth bothering with now. I’m not going to eulogise over what WAR promised and failed to deliver or how it was ruined by dumb production ideas … Continue reading

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The Secret World

After waving goodbye to SWTOR and happily jumping back into WAR along came The Secret World. As a lifelong reader of all things weird I was rather intrigued with TSW and I wasn’t disappointed. After a 14Gb download I started life as a member of the … Continue reading

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Goodbye SWTOR – Hello Again Waaagh!

I’ve finally waved goodbye to SWTOR – I gave it a good run but there was just nothing to keep me playing. I found the storylines very shallow, the regions were bland and empty and no matter which class you … Continue reading

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1.4.6 Comes To The PTS Today After months of waiting 1.4.6 has finally made an appearance. There are some interesting things in there, some fixes for bugs that have been out there for many many months – no mention of the T2 GSkin RvR bug … Continue reading

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Let’s Do This!

I’m too busy working on the house to play games but that stalwart Mykiel is still trying to drum up support for Warhammer Online – Let’s Do This! Flogging a dead horse or reviving a dying one? It’s a shame … Continue reading

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WAR PvE Making A Comeback?

Since packing in SWTOR I’ve had a relatively game-free week concentrating on getting the house tarted-up for selling. There was one intriguing post by Keaven Freeman in the WAR Dev Discussions that caught my eye – Upcoming for 1.4 . … Continue reading

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In A Galaxy Far Far Away – It’s Very Very Boring

I’ve given up on  SWTOR – I gave it my best shot but it’s just another generic MMO with a Star Wars shell. I can’t find anything in it to keep my interest and it got to the stage where … Continue reading

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WAR Is Not Quite Dead – Yet

How much effort does it take to put together an email to all subscribers to inform them of changes to a game? I’ll tell you – Bugger all Every time there’s a Beta run for WoH I get an email, … Continue reading

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Cannot See Target

After many weeks of hopping from one character to the next I finally got to the end of a chapter 1 with my Imperial Agent. The quest was Defender of the Empire and I had to defeat Darth Jadus with my sniper … Continue reading

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The Universe Is Big And Getting Emptier

The launch of SWTOR hasn’t been without its problems with some glaring omissions and silly little problems. I would guess a lot of this was due to rushing to get the game out for Christmas in some sort of acceptable … Continue reading

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