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Let’s Do This!

I’m too busy working on the house to play games but that stalwart Mykiel is still trying to drum up support for Warhammer Online – Let’s Do This! Flogging a dead horse or reviving a dying one? It’s a shame … Continue reading

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WAR PvE Making A Comeback?

Since packing in SWTOR I’ve had a relatively game-free week concentrating on getting the house tarted-up for selling. There was one intriguing post by Keaven Freeman in the WAR Dev Discussions that caught my eye – Upcoming for 1.4 . … Continue reading

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2011 – What A Shite Year That Was

If I were to put 2011 on a graph it would look like a ski jump. In February my wife’s mother died – in March my dad died – in between those two my dog died and this week my … Continue reading

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