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The Secret World WAR

I’m going to wrap this blog up as I don’t feel that WAR is worth bothering with now. I’m not going to eulogise over what WAR promised and failed to deliver or how it was ruined by dumb production ideas … Continue reading

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The Secret World

After waving goodbye to SWTOR and happily jumping back into WAR along came The Secret World. As a lifelong reader of all things weird I was rather intrigued with TSW and I wasn’t disappointed. After a 14Gb download I started life as a member of the … Continue reading

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Goodbye SWTOR – Hello Again Waaagh!

I’ve finally waved goodbye to SWTOR – I gave it a good run but there was just nothing to keep me playing. I found the storylines very shallow, the regions were bland and empty and no matter which class you … Continue reading

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Let’s Do This!

I’m too busy working on the house to play games but that stalwart Mykiel is still trying to drum up support for Warhammer Online – Let’s Do This! Flogging a dead horse or reviving a dying one? It’s a shame … Continue reading

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WAR PvE Making A Comeback?

Since packing in SWTOR I’ve had a relatively game-free week concentrating on getting the house tarted-up for selling. There was one intriguing post by Keaven Freeman in the WAR Dev Discussions that caught my eye – Upcoming for 1.4 . … Continue reading

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In A Galaxy Far Far Away – It’s Very Very Boring

I’ve given up on  SWTOR – I gave it my best shot but it’s just another generic MMO with a Star Wars shell. I can’t find anything in it to keep my interest and it got to the stage where … Continue reading

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Cannot See Target

After many weeks of hopping from one character to the next I finally got to the end of a chapter 1 with my Imperial Agent. The quest was Defender of the Empire and I had to defeat Darth Jadus with my sniper … Continue reading

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The Universe Is Big And Getting Emptier

The launch of SWTOR hasn’t been without its problems with some glaring omissions and silly little problems. I would guess a lot of this was due to rushing to get the game out for Christmas in some sort of acceptable … Continue reading

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SWTOR: A Love Story

While playing my Imperial Agent I put my James Bond head on (with a mercenary bent) and so far I’ve bedded two women – or so I assume. The flirt was on, the screen went black and we were then … Continue reading

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Oh Dear! That Didn’t Go As Planned

SWTOR 1.1 hit the servers a little later than planned with several changes – As well as bug fixes etc. it gave us a new flashpoint ‘Kaon Under Siege’ and an expansion to the ‘Karagga’s Palace’ Operation. Anti-aliasing has been enabled to … Continue reading

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