Goodbye SWTOR – Hello Again Waaagh!

I’ve finally waved goodbye to SWTOR – I gave it a good run but there was just nothing to keep me playing.
I found the storylines very shallow, the regions were bland and empty and no matter which class you played you always ended up in the same places doing the same things. I couldn’t even find anything to blog about it was that bleh!
The inevitable server mergers have begun and I would guess work has started on making it F2P.
Waving a glowstick about wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.
Best check if you still have a subscription outstanding – I cancelled mine a few months ago but when I looked at my account it was still active.

So it’s back to Warhammer Online – not Wrath of Heroes; I play the the real man’s game Age of Reckoning.
I spent the weekend getting reacquainted with my characters and shuffling stuff about and decided to run around T3 with my Zealot. To my surprise it was great fun – loads of people and plenty of action. Don’t listen to the stormcrows on the forums.
I don’t think I’ll be playing as much as I used to though as I’m busy doing up the house.
It was really nice to get back into the atmosphere of WAR – I felt a lot more immersed than I did with SWTOR – mind you on that score STO and LOTRO beat SWTOR.

On with the Waaagh!


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4 Responses to Goodbye SWTOR – Hello Again Waaagh!

  1. Turino says:

    I think we’re leading a parallel online life 🙂

    I’ve been back for a few weeks now after similarly getting fed up with SWTOR. Karak-Norn seems as active as ever, especially in the lower tiers (which are great fun). It’s still early days but I think the latest patch has addressed a lot of the problems which 1.4 caused.

    Scens popping regularly in the lower tiers is a huge win.

  2. Turino says:

    The warzones were quite fun. Altho far too much cc. The fact that this was the only realistic PvP available (due to Ilum/Outlaws Den fail) exposed the lack of warzones and eventual made these quite dull too.

    I wasn’t silly enough to play the game just for PvP, but it was still a disappointment. As was the crafting (which I was quite looking forward to).

    Guild support was still not at an acceptable level even when I unsubbed. Felt very much like an after-thought, which is surprising for a MMO.

    Not ruling out giving it another try after a few patches, but I’m surprised how much I’m not missing playing it.

    So, it’s back to WAR. I won’t be putting the hours in that I used to but since renown is slowly being dethroned it makes things more accessible to the casual gamer like myself. Good times.

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