WAR PvE Making A Comeback?

Since packing in SWTOR I’ve had a relatively game-free week concentrating on getting the house tarted-up for selling.

There was one intriguing post by Keaven Freeman in the WAR Dev Discussions that caught my eye –
Upcoming for 1.4 . *mumble*mumble* 
This seems to hint at a possible rejuvenation of PvE which I believe would bring a lot more people back to the game, especially if they totally revamp the Influence/Renown/Experience armour and weapon sets.
Along with the proposed changes in 1.4.6 this could be very good news for WAR indeed.
I’m hoping this isn’t just a Dev pipe-dream that hasn’t been pre-agreed with management but I have a sneaking suspicion that this will never see the light of day; I hope I’m wrong.

Apart from that it’s been rather a quiet week except for the announcement that Legend of Grimrock is due to be released in April – now that will soak up my spare time and probably a bit of work time too.


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4 Responses to WAR PvE Making A Comeback?

  1. Gank says:

    Although I want to scream with rage every time I think about WAR I find myself still reading your blog which does keep me in touch with the game I love to hate. With regards to the PVE comeback, isn’t that what the problem was in the first place? By that I mean they took a PVP game and tried to make it appeal by adding some crap PVE to it…… will this really bring back a community interested in the game? I don’t know but I’m so out of touch with the game I can’t intelligently comment anymore.

    • Fez says:

      I feel that WAR PvP is in a bit of a mess at the moment – every time they try to improve things they end up introducing more bugs and exploits.
      Improving PvE will bring players back – if they do it right – not everyone wants to PvP all the time.
      Hitting the same keeps over and over again gets very tiresome – the occasional dungeon/lair/questing makes a welcome break. The only reason PvE fell out of favour was the removal of the RR cap – a dumb move in hindsight.
      I’d like to think that Keaven’s tempting discussions will bear fruit before it’s too late.

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