In A Galaxy Far Far Away – It’s Very Very Boring

I’ve given up on  SWTOR – I gave it my best shot but it’s just another generic MMO with a Star Wars shell.
I can’t find anything in it to keep my interest and it got to the stage where I was dreading turning in a quest only to find yet another one to do; the novelty of the dire PvP and space combat soon wore off. The final straw came after yet another – go over there and talk to Blahty Blahblah he won’t give you anything but he’ll tell you to go somewhere else.
SWTOR had promise but, as with WAR, Bioware are unable to deliver the goods.

So what now?

Keaven Freeman started an interesting thread for WAR
1.4.6 Bugfix Patch Shortlist
Requesting feedback on the proposed bugfixes in 1.4.6 – if they get this right it could mean a brighter future for WAR.
I think I’ll wait for 1.4.6 before going back though – my recent excursions into WAR haven’t been very fruitful.

I haven’t played Skyrim since SWTOR came out – I might jump back into that; there’s also Metro 2033 and Stronghold 3 sitting patiently on my HD.
I had a yearning to play Comanche Gold last week – wonder if I can get it to work …..

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose


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1 Response to In A Galaxy Far Far Away – It’s Very Very Boring

  1. Shadow says:

    Amen to the last line. I’m doing SWTOR for my KotOR fix. I fr more enjoy my limited ability to achieve in EVE than I do the inflated achievement in any other virtual world.

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