WAR Is Not Quite Dead – Yet

How much effort does it take to put together an email to all subscribers to inform them of changes to a game?
I’ll tell you – Bugger all
Every time there’s a Beta run for WoH I get an email, I get emails all the time from SWTOR, LOTRO and STO – what do I get from WAR – nothing.

James Casey finally bothered his arse to write a Producer’s Letter 

So what does it tell us –
There’s a patch 1.4.5a coming out to fix the relic and fortress mess that was 1.4.5
1.4.6 will be a bug fix patch because that is what the community has been asking for.
1.4.7 will be the introduction of Dynamic Objectives to ORvR “The goal is to give more fun and rewarding things to do
A later patch will see a new Live event involving demons.
Changes to crafting have dropped over the horizon for now
The WOH team they have finally finished the T7 armour – well worth the cost of dropping support for WAR.
Inactive names on servers are going to be cleared up – a little late now – this should have been done prior to the big merge.
We have some new ideas for pets and other items for our store” – I dread to think.
At least they’ve stopped pretending that there are great things around the corner.

Not exactly inspiring  – a little more effort wouldn’t go amiss
It’s all very similar to the stagnant period that MMOs go through just before going F2P


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2 Responses to WAR Is Not Quite Dead – Yet

  1. Idrinth says:

    At least they updated the information on the main page…personally didn’t notice it before being told, but it is there.

    Unsure, why they can’t handle it, even a normal email client will be able to send a couple of mails, could take a while, but still works.

    • Fez says:

      Maybe they just think that it’s not worth it – they don’t seem overly enthusiastic about promoting WAR at all – more’s the pity

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