Cannot See Target

After many weeks of hopping from one character to the next I finally got to the end of a chapter 1 with my Imperial Agent.
The quest was Defender of the Empire and I had to defeat Darth Jadus with my sniper – no problem I thought; that was until I got the “cannot see target” message every time I tried to shoot him.
What do you mean you can’t see him? He’s there in front of you with a dirty great red name tag on his noggin ….. Oh! He’s stood on some steps and that’s why you can’t see him.
After trying various methods I finally took him down only to discover that he regenerates to full health and I have to do it again – bollocks – I’d just spent a fortune repairing my armour; you can’t res your companion if they die on the steps either.
I submitted a bug report about the “cannot see target” only to be told that they know about it and they’re working on it – hmm not much help here then.
I had a look on the forums and there’s quite a few posts regarding this – apparently I’m supposed to kite him for 2 hours hitting him with DoTs and hiding behind display screens – so rather than wasting more time and armour I dropped onto my Bounty Hunter.
Once again I started getting the “cannot see target” error on the lead up to the end of chapter 1 – deep joy – luckily I was able to target the end boss.
So now I have a Legacy – it’s taken quite a time but that’s comes from alt hopping, having your eldest son commender your PC over yuletide and doing stuff to the house.
I then rolled a Sith Warrior/Juggernaut – I wish I’d done this one before – I’m really getting into it. The responses in the quests feel a lot more natural and not so contrived – might actually see this one through to the end.

BTW – Stronghold 3 isn’t as bad as the reviews made out.


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