The Universe Is Big And Getting Emptier

The launch of SWTOR hasn’t been without its problems with some glaring omissions and silly little problems. I would guess a lot of this was due to rushing to get the game out for Christmas in some sort of acceptable state.
But the recent video from James Ohlen (Game Director) is just another example of the disingenuous crap that many software companies come out with when their product doesn’t quite match up to all their pre-release hype.
What’s that the players want? An adjustable UI? Never thought of that. What a load of bollocks.
Bioware supposedly absorbed Mythic so that they could bring their vast experience in the MMO genre to SWTOR – in which case they should know what happens when they treat their customers like idiots.
There are noticeably less people playing SWTOR now – at least I’m no longer tripping over resource ninjas but it’s harder to find people to team up with. The game also feels empty, not just through the lack of people but depth of play – there’s something missing but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
The landscapes are very nice, the animations are good and so are the character voices but some of the dialogue grates after a while. Maybe that’s it – listening to the same phrases over and over but in different contexts and choosing responses that don’t quite work out as you expected. I find it becoming rather disturbing that I can pick up “alien” phrases that are repeated with obviously different meanings – wanna wanky & killy mcranky – perhaps they hoped we wouldn’t notice.
Then again SWTOR seems very short on humour – one of my favourite animations is the freeing of the cocooned imperial soldiers as they fly through the air and plummet to the ground but was it designed to be amusing? It’s all very serious and earnest – maybe I’ve missed out on some subtle nuances; I can’t remember much in the way of humour in the films and I can’t be arsed watching them again to check.

40k celebrates its 25th anniversary this year but it seems that THQ are struggling to get the funds to complete Dark Millenium – lets hope they get it sorted out.
On the up-side The Lord Inquisitor has got the greenlight from GW to continue with his film project – the sample videos look excellent and this is well worth supporting.

Not sure what’s going on over at WAR – there are many conflicting reports about the latest patch and for Kai to post that the bug with the Dwarf/GSkin T2 perma-lock is unfixable is rather unsettling; especially as it was fixed at one time.
When you’re in a hole – stop digging.
At least there was humour in WAR.


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