SWTOR: A Love Story

While playing my Imperial Agent I put my James Bond head on (with a mercenary bent) and so far I’ve bedded two women – or so I assume.
The flirt was on, the screen went black and we were then back at our starting positions to continue the dialogue – the ladies seemed happy enough with my performance.
I don’t want to see any prurient toon-on-toon sex-action but wouldn’t some sort of nice cut-scene be better than a black screen.
How about the standard rocket taking off, a train entering a tunnel, waves crashing on the shore, the mightiest oak in the forest being felled and then a post-coital narc – the game has got a 16 rating after all.
Speaking of which – there seems to be many young children playing this game wittering on about pre-adolescent bollocks.
It’s especially annoying when they’re talking about watching Star Wars on something called a Blue Ray and start calling me an old fart when I tell them that I saw the film in the cinema when it first came out.
It has its advantages though – the servers are fairly quiet during school-time and there’s no fighting over resources or quests.


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