I Want To Play WAR

I keep going back to the WAR Bioware forum in the vain hope of finding some little chink of light that will once again awaken my enthusiasm for Warhammer Online.
I then saw a tweet from  @JSchabbing linking this video of RvR in WAR
Ooh I thought – looks like it’s livening up – so off I went to see what was happening.
I logged into my T4 Blorc and noticed mail for me – it was from my old guild mate Jagd saying that he’s quitting and leaving me his gold.
Sorry to see you go Jagd.
Bit of a downer but I checked the War Report and sallied forth unto Caledor – nothing – couldn’t find anyone – not even a little stunty. Undaunted, I flew around the regions chasing red crossed swords on the map and looking for groups until I became daunted.
So I logged onto my T2 Shaman – there were 8 Destro running around like headless chickens up against about 12 Order – I lasted about 15 minutes before I gave up in frustration.

I miss WAR and I want to play it but not in its present state.


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