Oh Dear! That Didn’t Go As Planned

SWTOR 1.1 hit the servers a little later than planned with several changes – http://www.swtor.com/patchnotes/1.1.0/rise-rakghouls
As well as bug fixes etc. it gave us a new flashpoint ‘Kaon Under Siege’ and an expansion to the ‘Karagga’s Palace’ Operation.

Anti-aliasing has been enabled to allow the game to chew up even more of your gpu.
The first thing I noticed was that the abilities are no longer greyed out on cooldown – now it’s very difficult to tell when the ability will be available near the end of its cooldown. Might have been better to turn it red while on cooldown.
I also had problems with getting abilities to activate and targetting – I couldn’t tie it down to anything in particular but it was rather annoying.
There have been quite a few changes to PvP – I’m saving myself until I get to level 50 until I dive into that; judging from forum posts it’s rather unbalanced and not worth it at the moment – lots of rage-unsubbing.
Hmm – thought Bioware would have enough knowledge and experience from Mythic to get PvP right – unless they’ve unleashed Carrie Gouskos on it.

I received an email this morning from Bioware to inform me that I can use the “Founder” title as a reward for being one of the first subscribers. Cor!

At the same time Star Trek Online went F2P.
The changes to STO over the past few months have been amazing; the game is a lot more immersive – better graphics and sound effects and best of all the space battles aren’t run on rails.
I’ve got a feeling I might be playing STO more than SWTOR.

Meanwhile back in WAR – Mythic posted the dates for testing the relic thingy
Looks like they value the input from the US more than the EU – nothing new there.
Mykiel has finally got round to a new post at Stratics – http://war.stratics.com/?p=406
18 people turned up for the PTS test?


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