No Passion For SWTOR

While off work last week I played a lot of SWTOR  and it dawned on me that I’m really not all that fussed about the SW worlds.
I played WAR with many years of GW gaming behind me and I really felt a part of the Warhammer world but I found the SW films all presentation and no substance – typical US tat – and, consequently, I didn’t get into the SW universe.
I started out following the storylines but I’ve begun to spacebar the dialogue, especially the non-class quests; I don’t feel particularly involved in the class quests and it all seems a little shallow – maybe it was a mistake starting several alts.
I’ve got a Jedi Knight and a Bounty Hunter at level 30+ and an Imperial Trooper and Sith Inquisitor both level 10+
I’ll keep plugging away at it though and see if I can break through the ennui barrier.
Where are all the augments? Is no one doing slicing as a craft?

WAR 1.4.5 hit the PTS last week with the return of the fortresses and the new relic thingy
with a feedback thread here Dev Discussion – 1.4.5 PTS – Feedback it doesn’t seem like many players turned up to the test.

Wrath of Heroes started its Beta 4 session last weekend – giving away 1500 beta keys; I bet people were queuing overnight to get hold of them. It doesn’t seem to be making much of an impression on the gaming world and judging by the Facebook comments interest is beginning to wane.

There have been various rumours about Dark Millenium being cancelled by THQ to which THQ responded with typical management waffle –  “no decisions have been made” about Dark Millenium; doesn’t look good.


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