A Psychopath In SWTOR

I recently read Jon Ronson’s The Psycopath Test after attending UnCon 2011 where he gave a talk on the subject; I can highly recommend it – it’s interesting and entertaining but also slightly disturbing.

I mention this because last weekend I was levelling up my Jedi Knight when I came to an area where there were too many people all running around trying to do the same quest. Rather than hang around for them to finish and read their inane chatter I jumped onto my Bounty Hunter.
As I was levelling up and taking out more and more people it began to dawn on me that I was actually enjoying being a really evil darkside mofo.
It also began to dawn on me that this might be an indication that there is a psychopath hidden inside, biding his time, waiting to get out.

There is a psychopathy check-list drawn up by Robert Hare (the main subject of The Psychopath Test) which, when administered by a qualified clinician, gives an indication of whether a person can be diagnosed as a psychopath or not.
I don’t consider myself qualified to use this check-list correctly and it would be very dangerous to take this seriously (especially for my future well-being) but my alter-ego seems to score very highly in the Factor 1: Personality “Aggressive narcissism” category.

Still, it’s only pretend, isn’t it?
There’s probably a study been made by a Zachary Hosenbugler of the Maydup University somewhere in the US that proves we’re all psychos.

Do you choose your responses based on the Dark/Light side awards or do you ignore them and respond as you think appropriate?

Have a look at this – it made my day – Pingu: The Thing


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2 Responses to A Psychopath In SWTOR

  1. Gank says:

    The psychopathy checklist is interesting, isn’t it? Don’t worry if you score high 🙂 Many successful lawyers, and business people score high. Their lack of empathy helps them succeed, it seems.

    • Fez says:

      Yes – That’s the thrust of Jon Ronson’s book but the frightening thing mentioned in the book is the use of the checklist to remove people from society just in case they might do something.

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