I Snogged My Companion

My Jedi Knight’s female companion had been showing increased affection for some while now and during a quiet moment in the spaceship she asked why Jedi can’t have fun.
As I saw it I could answer the question in 3 ways –
I chose the latter expecting a polite rebuff but – the clench was on.
So where is it all going to end?
Will we settle down and raise lots of little evil Jedi?
Will she run off with a Wookie?
Will she die in a heart wrenching way?
Stay tuned for the next exciting installment.

I now have this hideous vision of thousands of solitary gamers power levelling a Jedi Knight to get to this point – possibly disrobing their companion for added effect – weapon in hand.


About Fez

Warhammer, VMax, Fortean Times, Prog Metal, Guinness
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