Brokeback Mountain Quest?

I’d like to be bad but, as chance would have it, I’ve chosen the same server for my Empire chaps as PC Gamer’s guild and I can’t get back on without a lengthy wait. The same happened with WAR on Norn and I eventually ended up as the Guild Leader for them (PCG AOK).
So I’m plugging away at my Smuggler on Rogue Moon – going for the Gunslinger speciality. Everything is going very smoothly – one or two niggles: no means of scaling the ui, can’t move the boxes around and can’t move the companions abilities on the hotbar – if you know how let me know please. The background music and effects kept dropping out last night and some enemies were invisible except for their ID but nothing game breaking.
Which brings me to the companion – with my Imperial Agent I got a female companion who was just as evil as I felt like playing and looked at me with adoring eyes whenever I went Dark; no problem. With the Smuggler I have a male companion who doesn’t like either the Empire or the Republic; he says bugger all when I give him some nice new armour or weapons but goes all gooey when I do a good deed – he has affection for me. I’m not in the least bit homophobic but I feel a little awkward when this guy does a happy dance after I give him a present. Maybe I’m getting into the role a bit too much but I half expect him to sidle up to me in a cantina and offer a Brokeback Mountain quest any time soon. So for the time being I’m going to look on his affection as hero worship and hope he doesn’t get too clingy – he’s doing a lot of solo work at the moment.

WAR: The server merge seems to have sorted out the lack of action with many players returning and plenty of action in all tiers.
There’s an XP & RR bonus from tomorrow (22nd) until the completion of Keg’s End and the new Scenario changes will also come into effect.
James Casey has apologised for the delay in getting the Forts back in this post.
Apparently it was due to a technical fault with the test server but it’s something to look forward to in the new year.
There’ll be a Dev Discussion around the Forts/Relic proposals later on for comment.


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