I Took A Queue To The Server

I decided to give WAR a rest until the server transfers on the 14th so played Skyrim for a couple of days and then I got the early game access email for SWTOR.

SWTOR: Despite what I said earlier, it was too good a chance to miss to get in before the crowds. I chose the Nightmare Lands server (PvE) and rolled an Imperial Agent, a Bounty Hunter and a Sith Inquisitor – no problems, no lag, no queues. I started on the IA and it was a nice easy run to level 10 – I got ahead of myself at one point but backtracked to lower level quests. I did a lot of exploration but there’s not much scope for it in the prologue, at the end of which you go flying off to specialise and learn crafting skills. I like the idea of being able to send your companion off to sell the useless items in your backpack and, from what I could gather, you’ll be able to send them on their own missions and do the crafting but I didn’t get that far into it. There’s also a nice touch with the main map – it fades when you start to move making it a lot easier to find you way around.
The CE box arrived on Thursday – big big box – and I redeemed my CE goodies with no problem.
I’m getting to like this game despite my earlier misgivings – the quests are interesting and engaging, there’s not too much running back and forth and it’s very immersive. There’s been a lot of thought put into the storylines and the choices you make determine your dark/light side and also how much your companion likes you too.
By Friday there were queues for most of the servers – only to be expected – and I couldn’t be arsed waiting so it was on to WAR.

WAR: I transferred my Destro characters to Norn with no problems except for a couple of renames – my Blorc is laden down with guild vault goodies.
I gave T2 a go and there were loads of players in there – more than there has been of late anyhow – judging by the chat many have returned to see how the merge has affected PvP.
It felt good to be back and was loath to leave.
I got invited into a high level guild from the off and they seem like a friendly bunch – let’s see how it goes – I may be able to repec for group play now instead of running around solo.
Myffic haven’t really got many options left now to keep this game alive – let’s hope they stop screwing about and give it the support it needs and deserves.


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2 Responses to I Took A Queue To The Server

  1. Aeo says:

    What’s your Des character on Norn? I will try to kill it. I am Cahill, SM (could not kill a fly!)

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