What’s A Gamer To Do?

Everything is happening at once –

  • SWTOR early start
  • 7 days free offer from WOW
  • STO beefing up for F2P
  • WAR server transfer and Keg’s End celebration
  • LOTRO – nothing announced but I’m sure something festive will turn up
  • Skyrim – gaming at its best

I know one thing for sure – I’m not going to take advantage of the WOW offer.

I’ll be sorting out my guild and characters transfer tonight. Mykiel has kindly offered to assist in setting up the guild on Norn – problem is I can’t get hold of any of the other members. I’m in two minds whether to just drop it and see what’s on offer guild-wise. Keg’s End kicks off today too – might be lucky and get the battlebrew backpack for my GSkins that I restarted.

SWTOR early start began yesterday – still waiting for that email.

I dropped into STO and it’s looking very good – the first thing I noticed was that there has been a lot of changes to the visuals; I ended up on there for a few hours.  Q’s Winter Wonderland is running until the new year.

LOTRO are being uncharacteristically quiet at the moment but I’m sure there’ll be a Yuletide celebration coming up soon.

Meanwhile back in Skyrim – My mage is mopping up all the miscellaneous quests and dropping dragons like flies. My wardrobe is full to bursting – I’ll have to do some housework soon and sort it all out.


This just in – Aion is going F2P in February – how long before Myffic has to bow to the inevitable? They really cannot continue to justify the subscription model for WAR, especially as it is so poorly supported, unless they manage to pull a bleedin’ great rabbit out of the hat and I don’t mean yet another bleedin’ pet.


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