I Took An Arrow To The Knee

I was going to play WAR this week but I took and arrow to the knee.
Skyrim is eating my life – I’m the Arch Mage of Winterhold College and can take down dragons with dual-handed spells and bad-breath; I’m also spending far too long gawping at the landscape and exploring small paths off the main roads. Judging by the map I’ve only covered about 15% of Skyrim – this could take quite a while – I just hope they hold off the expansion for a while otherwise I’ll never get out of here.

Meanwhile – back in WAR the buzzword is metrics.
We are going to have a server merge – Gorfang > Badlands & Karak Azgal > Karak Norn.
Not entirely unexpected but it means that there will be only 1 US server and 2 EU servers – no mention of the Ruskies, some of whom have been asking for a transfer to EU.
Server Transfer Details
Looks like I’ve got a bit of work to do next week – I’ve a guild on Azgal along with 10 Destros to move to Norn, on which I’ve got 10 Order and 4 Destros – the 4 Destro will have to go. I’ve also got duplicate names to sort out.
Guild Transfer Details
The problem is there are only 2 active members in the guild now and you need 6 to reform it – dumb idea – looks like I’ll have to dump the guild.

There’s been a thread started about a clean start server, dumping old accounts or changing old account character names.
Follow it here 

Remember – If you’ve signed up for SWTOR then your WAR Account password has been changed to the SWTOR Password!

There’s a revamp of the Scenario line-up too –

  • Tier 1: Nordenwatch, Battle for Praag, Gates of Ekrund (6v6)
  • Tier 2: Nordenwatch, Mourkain Temple, Gates of Ekrund (6v6)
  • Tier 3: Nordenwatch, Mourkain Temple, Gates of Ekrund (6v6), Reikland Factory
  • Tier 4: Nordenwatch, Mourkain Temple, Gates of Ekrund (6v6), Reikland Factory, Caledor Woods (6v6), Grovod Cavern

Let’s see if the 6v6 ones prove popular – the community has been asking for them for long – ah that’s right – Myffic listened and moved development to another game.

To quote Kai “WAR, more than many games, only gets better with more people
So how about some proper development and promotions?

SWTOR starts next week – looks like WAR might take a lightsabre to the jibblies.


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