We Got Beat – Time For Tea

T2 was a little better on Azgal last night – we actually had half a warband of disparate characters fighting against about 8 Order last night. After taking a couple of keeps Order fled for a while but returned in strength later on. It only took one failed keep defence for our warband to rapidly dissolve leaving 4 of us to run around ganking solos.
I’m determined not to give up trying to get my Gskins through T2 but it’s going to be slow work at this rate, especially with stuntyland being permalocked once more  – thought this had been solved.

James Casey has mentioned that he will try to get the next patch 1.4.5 on the PTS prior to the holidays.
James’ Post
We all remember what happened last time they patched just before going on holiday and leaving us with a pile of steaming squig crap.

I came across this for the first time –
Didn’t even know it existed before now – but where is the merchandise for WAR?

I have to admit I got stuck in Skyrim on Monday – I did try to escape to WAR but the storyline grabbed me and just wouldn’t let go. My Archer/Mage sneaky person has just heard about the Psijics and is following the main mage storyline and now I’ve got another place to dump all my ill gotten gains in Winterhold College.
I’ve found myself sliding across the floor on my chair while fighting dragons, trying to look round the edge of the monitor and jumping out of my skin while dungeon crawling – excellent stuff.


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