WAR – All Quiet On The T2 Front

RvR in T1/T2 on Azgal was quite lively during the week but I logged in on Friday night to find 3 other Destro and what seemed like 5 Order in T2.
OK so there’s a lot going on in the PC gaming world at the moment – Skyrim, SWTOR to name but two – but it wouldn’t take much for Myffic to actually promote the game and put out a few incentives. Bioware seem to be using the WAR email data to invite players to SWTOR – why can’t Myffic do the same? Perhaps they are just too busy or can’t be arsed.
Hopefully they are waiting until the Christmas fuss has died down – hopefully.
WoH continues its Beta run – I haven’t been back to it since the first Beta and this video on YouTube just about sums up my experience with it.
CynicalBrit Video
Mykiel has come up with a justification for Destro fighting alongside Order in WoH
Mykiel’s Fluff
It’s a nice attempt but I can’t see it convincing the hardcore GW gamers.
Myffic says that WoH 6v6v6 was what the community wanted.
I’m not sure which community they were listening to – I remember WAR players saying that WAR should have been 3 factions and requesting 6v6 scenarios, not that they should  practically stop development of WAR and come up with a spin-off.
No doubt that they will blame the community if it fails.

As I mentioned in a previous post – Mykiel has started a discussion on Stratics about the possibility of extending the free trial and an XPOff feature.
Depending on how (and if) they are implemented it could be a very good thing with the dwindling population.
The problem is Myffic do not have much of a track record for taking the players views into account – except when it comes to developing a kids game apparently.

EA have screwed up the password system yet again – if you played SWTOR and changed your password as requested then you have changed your Myffic account password too –

If you recently registered at SWTOR.com, the password created there has become your new EA password. It will work for all your EA accounts, so please also use it at the account center for your WAR account.
Please note your game passwords remain unaffected.

Not that they bothered to tell us until afterwards – knobheads.

The weekends are now spent in Skyrim – I still can’t get over just how impressive this game is. It was patched on Friday and Bethesda are going to use Steam Workshop to enable players to submit, browse, rate, and download mods for Skyrim through Steam.

Anyhow – One more week of work and it’s holiday time – 3 weeks of gaming with a bit of time off for family and friends 🙂
I wonder what festive frolics Myffic will come up with for WAR?


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2 Responses to WAR – All Quiet On The T2 Front

  1. etaew says:

    I have noticed this week has been exceptionally quiet on the T2/3 front on Azgal, I have no idea how to level my alts through this phase, I wouldn’t mind PvE if it wasn’t dead or considered to gimp my character, so for now, I just roll another T1 alt or play T4.

    • Fez says:

      It’s getting rather dire – I re-rolled my Gskins as they were at 40/45 which wasn’t too bad until Myffic decided to remove the RR cap. I’ve now got a Choppa, Shaman and Squig Herder all at lvl 12 trying to get on in T2 – it’s going to be a long haul.
      I may have to jump up to my T3/T4 Chaos guys.
      I suppose this is why they are considering extending the free play – to try and get more people into T2.
      Then again the proposed XPOff feature will allow players to PvE without levelling up too much.

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