What Happened There?

Not sure what happened to my last post – it got cut short in its prime.

Anyhow – SWTOR – I’ll state at the outset that I was never a great fan of Star Wars – glorified kids stuff – Sci Fi Lite.

I played as a Jedi Consular, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent. Granted each class had its own starting zone but everyone seemed to look exactly the same and the landscapes are rather bland with little of interest to look at.
The quests are given in cut scenes which were interesting at first but soon got a bit laboured especially when they seemed like badly dubbed foreign films.
The abilities were interesting and the weapons made the right SW noises – I especially liked the rolling into cover to fire – but there was nothing groundbreaking.
As I mentioned in the last post – I had trouble getting back to the same server once I had logged out so didn’t really get much time to develop a character to any extent. The story lines were interesting but I hope it breaks away from the go-there get-those type of quests. There’s a Dark/Light side to decisions you can make in your responses to NPCs which gives you access to items later on. Strangely enough Bioware don’t think you can suss out which responses get which rewards and they give you an indication as to whether your response will be good/bad/neutral. There was no indication as to whether a neutral persona will get rewards which will tend to force players down a certain path away from real role playing.
I’ve got it on pre-order but I think I’ll wait until all the fuss has died down before I pick a server and go with the Imperial Agent/Sniper or maybe the Bounty Hunter/Mercenary.
It seems to be a standard MMO with a Star Wars skin – nothing to get excited about unless you’re a SW freak – but it looks like it’ll be fun for a while. Wonder how long it’ll take to go F2P?

Back to WAR – I logged onto my Squig Herder in T1 last night – there were no more than 10 of us Destro against a handful of Order in Nordland but it was a good scrap. Got the SH to 12/15 and than went onto my Shaman for a while.
I took them both to Chapter 4 for the free War Tract and – strangely enough – there were quite a few folks doing PvE.
Rumours of WAR’s demise are rather exaggerated but Myffic really need to get their collective head out of their collective arse before it’s too late. The game could quite easily be saved with just a little bit of polish and promotion – maybe it’s just around the corner.


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