No WAR Here – Move On Please

I was away for most of last week – got back Thursday night and started downloading SWTOR.
Meanwhile continued my adventures in Skyrim – I’m having a bit of a bother surviving killing dragons. My second kill resulted in a giant clobbering me while I was absorbing the power and the after the third I got attacked by a horse and backed off the top of a tower.
Otherwise I’m totally absorbed in wandering around picking flowers, pulling the wings off butterflies and killing various things.
I’m a Breton Mage with little armour but I’m finding the survivability surprisingly good as long as I do a little spell juggling.
I’m also building up quite a library in my new home and my thanks to Werit for pointing us to this –  Skyrim eBooks  – All the Skyrim books in e format.

Meanwhile back in the future – SWTOR finished downloading just in time for the start of the mass beta.
The servers were full to overflowing at the start so I ended up starting 4 alts on 4 servers as I couldn’t get back to them without lengthy queues once I’d logged off.
The choice of body shape is a little restrictive scrawny, skinny, brawny and tubby – I didn’t see any fat female characters running around –


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