WAR – Finally An Update

You go away for a few days (with no access to the internet) and what happens – James Casey breaks his silence.

Mykiel posted –
Warhammer Online – What lies ahead
He was lucky enough to get an interview with James Casey and Graham Bennett which covered both WAR and WoH.
Highlights include –

  • We can expect the fortresses to return with the next patch in December
  • WAR subscribers will get benefits in WoH
  • Possible increase in level cap for free trial and XP off feature
  • Steve Engle’s replacement is being brought up to speed
  • Post 1.4.5 will be T7 armour, reintroduction of Ironclad and more dynamic RvR

We are also told to stick around as there are great plans for WAR – hmm think I’ve heard that one before.

Werit also gained an interview – not sure whether it was at the same time as Mykiel’s
WAR 1.4.5 Q&A
Highlights are –

  •  Grovod Caverns with Skaven fancy dress are returning in 1.4.5
  • Undetailed combat and career changes and fixes
  • Alliances can claim fortresses and Guilds can fortify them
  • Defence buffs for Alliances in fortresses
  • Generals will be introduced to defend fortresses and will be playable
  • T7 armour to be tied to fortresses

It’s good to finally get some information on what is going on with WAR but why couldn’t all this be put into a Producer’s Letter?
The possible increase in the free trial level cap sounds like a gradual move to F2P – it would be far better to open all three T1 regions to free trial with only one region open at a time.
I can’t understand why they would introduce an XP off feature – why not just get rid of XP all together – unless they are going to revamp armour and weapon requirements.
I can’t see any of this turning the game round and getting players returning in the long term – Myffic really need to put a lot more effort into WAR if it’s to survive.
Still – at least they haven’t given up completely.

Along with many others I’ve been thoroughly engrossed by Skyrim – playing as a Breton Mage; I didn’t really get into Oblivion but Skyrim is another matter, I can’t stop playing. There’s the SWTOR mass beta this weekend to keep me involved too so I don’t think WAR will get much of a look in for a while.

Oh yes – there’s another WoH beta test this weekend – not too excited by that though.


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One Response to WAR – Finally An Update

  1. Gank says:

    “….stick around as there are great plans for WAR ”

    I lol’d 🙂

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