Bioware WAR Forums – Don’t Go There

The General Discussion Forum is probably at an all time low – I can’t see it sinking much further.
Several threads bemoaning the state of support, lack of players and requests for server merges. The problem is that many of the posters seem to have left the game and are just hanging around waxing wrath – spewing bile and venom to all and sundry.
One look at these forums (and the WAR website) and any of the new players that Myffic are trying to encourage into playing WAR via WoH are going to leg it.

It doesn’t help the matter that there are so many good games out there, especially F2P MMOs, that actually update their websites and communicate with their customers.

What the hell is wrong with Myffic?
Maybe they have a bit too much on their plates with developing WoH and updating UO and DAoC that they haven’t got any spare time to let the paying customer know what is going on.
Maybe they are waiting for the SWTOR fuss to die down.
Or maybe we are just expected to read between the lines and make our own minds up – like some of those on the forums.

I’m still enjoying playing the game – maybe it is a bit quieter than it used to be but there’s no where else that I can get the buzz of taking another player down like I can in WAR.


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4 Responses to Bioware WAR Forums – Don’t Go There

  1. Turino says:

    Yeah, it’s not a place for the faint hearted. I rarely go there myself as it’s too depressing.

    The Warhammer Alliance Karak-Norn forums are just as bad. Albeit slightly different, as it’s by and large whining/moaning combined with the stroking of each other’s epeens. A horrible combination.

    I wonder if other games are plagued by ex-players still haunting their forums like WAR is?

    My suspicion is that WAR simply has more of a disappointed player base than any other games. As there still isn’t an alternative game out there that offers open world PvP in an MMO environment (of decent quality), there really isn’t a place for people to move on to and get closure. Sure, they go to different games (e.g. Rift) but they keep coming back. And when they do return, they see the game plagued by the same problems which made them leave in the first place. Combine this with a player-base who can see such unrealised potential with WAR it leads to raging and moaning on an unprecedented scale.

    Mythic’s complete and utter failure to grasp the concept of communicating with it’s player-base simply stokes these fires and makes it worse.

    Not that I’m trying to make excuses for the forum trolls. I wish they’d all piss off 🙂

    • Fez says:

      I can understand the disappointment for some players as WAR was to be THE representation of the GW Warhammer world but it failed somewhat and now it seems that Mythic have turned their back on it.
      Mind you, judging by the way Kai and co. get shot down every time they post on the forum it’s understandable that they don’t show up very often – then again it’s just fuelling the “this game is doomed” brigade.
      Mythic have never been very good at communicating from day one but UO and DAoC seem to be getting a lot of attention from them and again this makes matters worse.
      With people leaving Mythic it’s understandable that they are a little stretched at the moment but it doesn’t take much just to say – sorry guys we’re busy elsewhere at the moment normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
      It wouldn’t hurt to have the forum for subscribers only too.
      I’m still optimistic though – DoAC and UO have been going for a lot longer than WAR and Mythic haven’t dumped them. Then again there’s the GW license cost to consider …..

  2. Turino says:

    You really believe they’ve turned their back on it?

    Their official line (since WoH announcement) would go against this. But actions speak louder than words I guess. The lack of communication of any sort (1 dev discussion thread in months) would suggest otherwise. And one can only assume that WoH is having an impact here. They categorically stated that their dev resource for WAR would not be impacted but what I’ve seen since makes me sceptical of this.

    I’d hate them to put all their eggs in the WoH basket, because my gut feeling is that it isn’t going to be a success.

    Maintenance mode isn’t going to be enough to keep me subbed beyond the next few months I suspect. All the talk of new crafting by the end of the year, skaven themed Grovod caverns, new appearance armour sets and fortresses. We’re almost into December and still nothing.

    • Fez says:

      Turned their back on it? – it certainly seems that way but I really do hope not not but I feel they have no choice at the moment.
      I like to think that once OU and DAoC have had their share of love it’ll be WAR’s time but how long are players willing to hold out for and will it be too late and will disgruntled players be willing to return.
      There are many MMOs out there with far better community relations and support.
      As you say there have been so many promises/commitments made that just haven’t come to fruition and not saying anything is not the way to get your community on your side.
      As for WoH – I don’t wish it to fail but I too don’t think it’ll be much of a success – unless they learn lessons from premades vs. PUGs in WAR scenarios it won’t get very far. For me there’s no hook to keep playing it, no sense of team and Stunties fighting alongside Orcs just doesn’t feel right.

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