Skyrim or Warhammer Online?

Spent the weekend in London at the Fortean Times UnCon2011 so I didn’t get much gaming done – I did meet Dan Abnett though and he signed a copy of the Eisenhorn trilogy for me.
Judging from the interweb noise, everyone is playing Skyrim at the moment – my youngest is waxing lyrical, he’s apparently got married but hasn’t introduced me to his pixellated spouse yet; I trust there’s no under age hanky-panky going on.
I installed it yesterday afternoon and played the intro/character generation bit – nice scenery – not sure whether I’ll have the time to invest to play it properly though. It was a bit like that with Oblivion – I really got into it at first but then something else came along and it dropped by the wayside – shame really – I made several attempts to get back into it but never quite managed.

So it was on with the Choppa on Azgal – he’s got his Decimator armour and other renown type stuff so I feel a bit more confident charging into PvP without the certainty of having any heals.
Empire was its usual lively self – Stunty and Elf were practically empty, I met up with a Magus but he wasn’t interested in teaming up or talking for that matter.
I might give T2/T3 a look tonight and see what’s going on – judging from the Bioware forums it’s all doom and gloom; mind you, it appears that most of the posters have stopped playing the game and are just hanging around being a bit knobheadish.

I’ve also got my invite for the mass SWToR beta soon – could be interesting. I was looking at starting as a Bounty Hunter/Mercenary but the Imperial Agent/Sniper is now calling to me.


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