Now It’s The Choppa’s Turn

Firstly – congratulations to Mykiel for kicking off the WAR Stratics website and showing enthusiasm for a game that deserves and needs it. Mention should also go to Gaarawarr for putting together the website as a fansite for Wrath of Heroes.
Although I’m still not all that enamoured with WoH if it brings players to WAR then all well and good but I still can’t see why they didn’t use the resources to develop WAR instead.

Anyhow – I’ve got both the new Shaman and Squig Herder to level 10 (RR15) and full Inf – it took about 10 hours of playing each one. Once I got to level 10 I wanted to get to Tier2 as quickly as possible so started queuing for Scenarios (something I don’t normally do) but after getting one pop in 6 hours I gave up on that idea – looks like a bit of PvE is on the cards.
I enjoyed Tier1 so much I’ve now deleted my old Choppa (40/45) and re-rolled – my Black Orc (40/45) is now playing the part of a mule. I’ll start the Choppa off tonight and see how far I get as I’m down in London all weekend at the Fortean Times UnCon2011

See you when I get back and you can tell me all about Skyrim.





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