Mykiel and WAR Stratics

Just when you thought that things in WAR were on a permanent downward slope Mykiel takes over as the Managing Editor of WAR Stratics
It’s nice to see that someone still has enthusiasm for the game.
The site needs updating just a little – the last entry was over 3 years ago –  but I’m sure Mykiel will step up to the mark.
Good luck Mykiel.

This announcement was swiftly followed by a tweet from Werit “Have say say my enthusiasm for WAR took a hit today, not much positive to post about these days” which is a shame as Werit was one of the better and more enthusiastic WAR bloggers.
There does seem to be an air of despondency around WAR at the moment as it appears that Myffic are spending all their time tarting up Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot. I’m sure that once these have been polished and reinvigorated it will be WAR’s time for some much needed love and attention.

I’ve been levelling up my new Shaman over the past couple of nights – there’s plenty of action in Empire but to get those Elite Inf rewards you end up taking Stunty and Elf regions with very little opposition and with very little support. Tumbleweed time.
Maybe only opening one region at a time might help and extending the trial accounts to all 3 regions.
I can see a market for buying a T2 character although this may lead to T1 being a trial account only playground – which wouldn’t be too much of a loss.


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