Warhammer Online – Like An Old Pair Of Slippers

Well, my month away from WAR has ended.
Over the past 4 weeks I’ve played LOTRO which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and STO which, although interesting, just didn’t tick all the boxes for me.
I think I’ll keep going back to LOTRO – I can dip in and out of it now and again and there’s still plenty to see and do; the trouble is the offers in the online store are soaking up my money, but then that’s the whole idea of F2P I suppose.
STO started out well but it’s just the same old thing over and over again except the weapons get bigger. I may be missing something but I got to the point were I was just clicking through the quest descriptions blah blah blah – yeah yeah yeah – just tell me where to go and I’d end up doing the same thing each time except around a different planet; the ground missions were a good diversion but again they got very samey. I really didn’t get into it as much as LOTRO and although it’s going F2P I don’t think I’ll be returning to it.

So back to WAR – my 3rd anniversary gizzits have finally come through and I spent most of the evening reacquainting myself with my alts.
I finally decided to scrap my 40/45 GSkins, that were made practically useless by one of Carrie Gouskos’s dumber decisions, and start again. No big deal really.
I took my WP into T2 for a warm up – by Gork it was so good getting back to killing people again that I’ve signed up for another 6 months 🙂
Still can’t get my head around WoH though but, who knows, I may get to like it eventually. Watch this space.

It looks like it’ll be WAR full time again with brief excursions to LOTRO – at least until SWTOR comes out. I’ve got SWTOR on pre-order but I think I’ll let the fuss die down over Christmas until I really dive into it – who knows, Myffic might come out with something to keep us all in WAR by then.
Then again Skyrim is due next Friday and Stronghold 3 is beckoning – what to do?


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2 Responses to Warhammer Online – Like An Old Pair Of Slippers

  1. Gank says:

    I’ll be trying/reviewing Sronghold III fairly soon. Everything I’ve read about it suggests it bloody awful, but we’ll see!

    I remember the first Stronghold, which I never played but watched a friend play (early days of computing when they weren’t so common lol). I haven’t played any of the series then, but I sure do like the concept.

    • Fez says:

      It’ll be a shame if Stronghold 3 turns out crap – I’m tempted to get it on Steam but the price is a bit high at the moment.
      I’ve just had a look on Amazon and they have the first two versions with all the expansions for £9.99p (Stronghold Collection) nice nostalgia trip.
      Although I didn’t rate Stronghold 2 very much – bit too much micro-management for me.

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