Wrath Of Heroes – It’s Back

WoH is back for more beta testing with a couple of new heroes and the tactics enabled. Myffic are trumpeting its success and the usual Myffic friendly bloggers have switched from saying how great WAR is to saying how great WoH will be.
I can’t see it myself – in its present form it’s just something to pass 15 minutes and there seems to be no hook to keep you coming back – it’s just a mess of badly formulated ideas. The market for F2P is becoming huge and the only thing WoH has going for it is the Warhammer IP and look how Myffic screwed that up with WAR.
Wadstomp has a good write up on WoH – http://www.wasdstomp.com/2011/10/wrath-of-heroes-beta-impressions-not.html
which is well worth reading.
I can forsee that premades will ruin the game and put most people off after the initial rush, that and, as Wadstomp says, there’s no feeling of team or realm pride to the game. The idea of 3 teams is a good one but the way it’s being implemented is just a dog’s dinner.

Anyhow – it’s head-up-arse time at Myffic regarding the 3rd anniversary gizzits.
Kai came out with a bit of waffle “I have no better answer than “it will work as soon as the account is 3 years old”. It seems that the EU to US transfer has changed this date for players.”
Which is a load of bollocks as it didn’t affect the 2nd anniversary gizzits.

I’ve not played WAR for about 4 weeks now – I’ve logged in now and again in the vain hope of finding some action and seeing if my dyes have arrived – no chance.

In the meantime I’m stuck in STO – I started my main character over again as I’d missed out on too much and was finding it increasingly more frustrating to make any meaningful advance. Now though I’m well into it and thoroughly enjoying zapping aliens in deepest space. At first I was a little daunted by the amount of information and stats for all the equipment but you soon get to your head round it all.
STO is working it’s way toward F2P and if Myffic wants to keep WAR running then they’re going to have to do the same no matter what they are saying to the press.
WAR’s PvP may be difficult to translate to F2P but Myffic are going to have to accept the fact that WAR is just not popular enough to sustain a subscription model, there is just too much competition on the horizon; either that or they’re going to have to provide a great deal more value for money and that includes a decent level of support.
Meanwhile Myffic are focussing on WoH to the detriment of WAR – saying that WoH development will also help WAR is just a smokescreen. WAR is in freefall and it seems that no one in Myffic is particularly bothered.




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