Battle Of The MMOs

While I was trying out a Minstrel in LOTRO – love killing things with power chords – a Steam tweet popped up; Eve Online + 30 days @ £3.26p – too good to miss.
The problem was the downloading of the game seemed interminable so that’s been put on the shelf until the weekend.
It was back to LOTRO and quest overload – I seem to be getting ahead of myself with quests – but it’s still fun and that’s what counts. I think I’ve finally sussed out the Traits and I’m busy crafting and hobbying (fishing).
It’s the sort of game that you can drop in and out of and I think that’s what will keep me going at it which is good because some kind sole has sent me a copy of STO CE.
So more downloading while I was tucking in to chilli con carne and registering and pottering about – eventually I managed to get about half an hour of playing and to be quite honest I wasn’t all that impressed.
The character generation is extensive to say the least and there was a bit of confusion as it started in over-shoulder FPS mode but I eventually got my Vulcan engineer on his way. I’m hoping there was a lot of lag last night as my character kept sliding back and forth across the floor and doing all sorts of strange gyrations along with the enemy Borg.
I’ll give it another go tonight and see how I get on.

Myffic are bringing back the WoH Beta this weekend – don’t think I’ll bother – it feels more like a kid’s game than anything to get serious about. It’ll be interesting to see how they end up tying it in with WAR – which still has no 3rd anniversary goodies.
Bruglir has opening a discussion on what 3 changes you would make if you were the WAR producer –

The next few months are going to be critical for WAR’s future – loads of MMO choice, especially in the F2P category.
The only thing that WAR has going for it is the PvP but Myffic really need to pull something out of the hat and introduce something fresh and also start giving the game the support it deserves otherwise it’ll end up slowly bleeding to death.

Want to try out some other fun MMOs? Discover the galaxy with Battlestar Galactica, an online game from Bigpoint, a german developer of browsergames. Bigpoint also offers a fantasy game, farming games or sim games. Just take a look at them and enjoy!


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