WAR’s Subscriptions Have Risen

Eugene Evans tells us that WAR’s subs have risen and it’s not going F2P
Nice to know

In August 2010 he said –
“These games are not defined by the product you have at launch. They’re defined by what you do with the game and how you respond to the community.”
Carrie Gouskos talked a load of bollocks too.
“It’s only going to get better with the European players – to be able to interact with devs specifically.”

Bruglir has decided to call it a day –
It makes very interesting reading – WAR from the inside.
My sub runs out mid-November – wonder if I’ll get my 3rd Anniversary gifts by then?

Apart from all that – I’m still running around Middle Earth.
Listened to a Minstrel playing Metallica in The Prancing Pony last night.
I’m impressed with the attention to detail not only in the open countryside but in the instances too.
The rate of levelling feels about right and there aren’t too many abilities to get your head round – I’ve still got a lot of ground to cover and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of Middle Earth; I doubt I’ll get it all in before STO F2P arrives though.
The juvenile prattling on chat tends to grate a little – it would be nice to have a /ignoreall command.


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