LotRO Drags Me In

I’m still in LotRO but instead of running around I fell for buying a horse for my Hunter – bleedin’ expensive though.
I can see how this game is going to slowly drain my resources instead of knowing that it’s costing me so much a month. It’s done very well mind you – little bits and pieces in game encourage you to improve a skill here and a craft there with a purchase in the online store.
LotRO does it quite openly though – unlike Myffic and their gouge-the-subscribers-to-support-a-kids-game.
I’m still enjoying it and finding it a pleasant diversion – nothing too heavy and I can dip in and out when I wish. The little touches make all the difference – nice scenery and sounds, good storyline and the animations – the mounting of a horse is much better than the strange act you get in WAR.
I did pop back to WAR for a while as my eldest son had decided to give it another go – we did a bit of RvR in T1 – it was fun and it makes all the difference having someone to talk with while playing. I stayed around and played a bit in T3 – or at least tried to – there was hardly anyone about.
3rd anniversary gifts have still not come through yet.
James Casey started a Dev Discussion about T2 and T3 scenarios and just happened to mention that XP gain has been dropped in scenarios to try and encourage XPphobes to join in.
I feel it’s gone way beyond that – the whole game mechanic feels broken – too many changes with unintended consequences.
I suppose that as Myffic believe that scenarios are the only good thing in WAR (cos they’ve screwed everything else up) then they ought to concentrate on them – as it may lead to improvements in WoH.
It’ll be interesting to see what happens when premades start hitting WoH when it’s released.

Here’s a good farewell to WAR –


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