Oi Kai! Is Anyone At Home?

So what’s going on with WAR?
No Producer’s Letter
No Weekend Warfront
No 3rd Anniversary Gifts
No Website Update
Not to mention the eerie silence from the usually voluble WAR bloggers and tweeters
Is this the silence before the storm?

Here’s a clip of Roland from Bioware Mythic actually saying something complementary about WAR (GW UK Games Day 2011) but only as an afterthought –

Remember WOH = WAR – Boring Bits

I dived into LotRO on Sunday and found it a most pleasant experience running around as a Human Hunter.
It’s F2P but if you buy some Turbine Points you get upgraded to Premium – the next step is VIP (subscriber).
The graphics are very good and along with an excellent storyline and lush landscape it all leads to a very immersive experience. You’re not overwhelmed with abilities and the levelling up doesn’t feel very grindy (at the moment).
There are a ton of enhancements available from the shop which don’t seem expensive but I can see where you can get caught up in it especially with the special offers.
I don’t think I’ll be going back to Rift just yet – the characters in LotRO are far better animated, the crafting is a lot better implemented and there’s a story that I feel bothered about.


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