Some Many Games – So Little Time

While waiting for Star Trek Online to kick off their F2P (not long now judging by their website) I decided to give LotRO another go. Following the F2P link I downloaded and installed the client and then followed the tortuous route to getting a F2P key – got an email saying that it will take 3 – 5 days…..
During that time Steam put up Rift CE for £6.25p – why not I thought, so spent a few hours downloading Rift and the update, created an account and installed the security app on the iPhone.
It was Friday evening by the time I got to log onto Rift so with a bottle of red by my side I sat down to see what it was all about.
Steering clear of the nice-guys I rolled a Defiant Inquisitor and the first thing that struck me was the way he minced about – not at all looking like the imposing figure I reckoned he would be.
I followed the quest route from the starting point and, levelling up, discovered an incredible array of abilities available – mind boggling.
There were many others who had taken advantage of the Steam offer – we all had the same CE gizzits and mounts (two-headed tortoise) and were all wondering what the hell was going on.
It kept my engaged for 6 hours – WAR hasn’t achieved that for quite a while – but for me there was something missing; I didn’t feel any attachment to the character and totally lost track of any storyline. The landscape is a bit bland and I didn’t feel immersed in the world like I do in WAR – maybe this will come with time.
There are some good points – proper swimming, being able to jump over fences and the rifts are rather good though somewhat confusing – at one point everything went dark and we all stood around looking at each other trying to suss out what was happening.
Some of the bad points – no auto facing when fighting and you can’t craft on the run.
I’ll keep at it as I’ve got 30 days to play with but I don’t think it’ll be a long term thing.

While I was Rifting the key for LotRO came through – might start that this afternoon and see how it goes.

On the WARfront – Fozee, one of the more active Bioware forum mods, has started blogging again –
The 3rd anniversary gizzits have yet to arrive – very poor show. I contacted EA support on their 0870 243 2435 helpline and was told that I was in a 20 minute+ queue – I really couldn’t be arsed so I hung up.
I’ve logged in a couple of times but there seems to be very few players bothering any more – such a shame.

Last weekend I took my bike off the road and cleaned & greased it for the winter – now we have a heatwave! Still, at least I managed to get in a flying lesson.


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