3rd Anniversary + 30 Days

Judging by the response from my last post I am not alone in the feeling of tedium I have about WAR. It seems to be a general malaise brought on by what is seen, by many, as the game being stagnant for too long.
To cap it all EA have decided to reward all 3 year vets 30 days late as they are not counting the 30 days free that came with the retail version of the game – knobheads.

Anyhow – over the weekend I scoured the blogs to see what might pique my interest next and, while I was at it, a rather timely email dropped reminding me that there’s still time to pre-order Star Wars: The Old Republic – so I did.
It’s released on the 22nd December – I trust they are not shipping on that date otherwise I’ll have to wait until the New Year. Hopefully it’ll be an early download or shipped early to activate on that date.

I’ve also got my eye on Star Trek Online going free2play later this year.

I’m not a great fan of Star Wars – I thought the storylines were rather weak and contrived (mind you they’re 100% better than Harry Potter) – but on looking through the website I was intrigued by the Sith Bounty Hunter; it should be fun taking down a bunch of big girl’s blouses like the Jedi.
Hopefully EA won’t let the Myffic wrecking crew anywhere near it.

As for Star Trek – The free2play model doesn’t seem all that restrictive and what is there to lose – as long as I don’t get to play the guy in the red shirt I should be OK.

I’m also considering Lord Of The Rings Online again.
I played it briefly a couple of years ago but it’s now gone free2play too.

Lots to go at – I prefer the fantasy settings for my gaming so we’ll see which one comes out on top – then again WAR might buck up and pull me back.


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