What’s The Point Of Tier 4?

I’ve got 8 alts able to play in T4, so apart from getting different armour and weapons – what is the point?
I keep going back to see if it’s any better only to find the same closed warbands, the same keeps and the same city scenario at the end. Occasionally there are some good scraps – occasionally – but mostly it’s a few groups running around until you get a 4 star keep then someone announces, in region chat, that the door is about to go down and all of a sudden there’s a flash-mob at the keep.
It’s all about getting renown and getting it in the easiest way possible – flying around empty regions and turning up when it looks like a juicy tick is on the cards.
OK not everyone does it but it certainly seems that it’s the majority’s preferred game plan.
And I can’t really blame them because T4 is boring, especially when the prize, for all your hard work, is having to play the same extended scenario, after which you start all over again.
It may be some people’s idea of the pinnacle of game design but not me.

So what’s the solution?
Buggered if I know – maybe I’m the only one who feels this way; if so it looks like I’ll continue re-rolling and levelling up to T4 in the vain hope that things will change. I enjoy ranking up and getting to grips with the abilities as they come in and experimenting with mastery trees and ability rotations but once you get to level 40 that’s it. Maybe I’m playing the wrong game or expecting too much but with such a rich IP to play with and so many regions available why is T4 such a tedious experience?

Myffic declared war on the Zerg and Waithammer last year and things seem to have gone downhill since then. Some improvements have been made to RvR but the god of unintended consequences took a dump and now the “campaign” seems lacklustre.
There are many good ideas under discussion in the forums but no indication as to whether anyone is taking any notice.
Myffic seem to be paranoid about communicating directly and often talk in riddles; how many times have we heard “great things are round the corner” only to find out that “great thing” is a euphemism for a steaming heap of squig crap.
It’s clear that there will be no major development in WAR – not with the present management – and things will just tick along until it dies a natural death.
And that’s a shame – WAR has the potential to be a great MMO but Myffic seem to have all but given up on it, preferring to develop a spin-off game.
I don’t hold out much hope for any great change or expansion – Sylvania will probably be another LotD, the fortresses will make a reappearance as a sideshow and there will, no doubt, be more bleedin’ pets.

I’ve enjoyed playing in the Warhammer world for many years and have played every GW game that has hit the PC. I was really looking forward to WAR and in the first few months I plunged myself into the role of the Witch Hunter both PvE and RvR and there was a huge feeling of achievement when I hit level 40; I then discovered the joy of being an alterphile and created many alts across the available servers – enjoying how each career developed, learning how to play them and following the storylines.
But now it all feels a bit naff.
Myffic say that they will concentrate on RvR but, for me, they’re going to have to come up with something a lot more exciting than cosmetic tat to keep me coming back and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.


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