WAR Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With Another Bleedin’ Pet

“It’s been a wild three years for WAR” – Kai Schober 16/09/2011
It’s certainly gone quickly.
Last year at this time 2 year vets were rewarded with a Double Aegis, Cloak and Endless Fireworks.
This year we are getting –
Endless Chaos Black Dye
Endless Blazing Orange Dye
and – wait for it – another bleedin’ pet – The Jack O’ Lantern Vanity Pet – Deep Joy.
I think we’ve got enough pets to choose from now.
At the end of the announcement came this little titbit –
End of next month the demon moon will rise again and Fortresses are looming on the horizon. And next year we are about encounter bloodlust in an additional way.

There have been a few hints about Vampires & Sylvania – it will probably be a LotD type area; they’ve a lot in common with the Tomb Kings so it won’t be too difficult to introduce them and their minions.

Many players have made their disgust known at what they see as Pay2Win with the new Booster Pet Pack and have left the game. This may have just been a apposite excuse or the last straw – there are many other MMOs out there and on the horizon that will provide a new experience as WAR is getting rather stale. Others see continuing to subscribe as a waste of investment in a game that seems to be going nowhere. I’ll be carrying on for a while yet but I’m certainly not as enthusiastic about logging-in as I used to be.

There have been a few hotfixes since 1.4.4 was released especially regarding the new Keep Foreman who was a little over-enthusiastic when it came to putting doors back up.
I haven’t played all that much since 1.4.4 so can’t really comment on how it’s affected the game – I’ve been too busy playing Space Marine.

I had another brief go on Wrath of Heroes – nothing seems to have changed except for the introduction of some other heroes. To be quite honest I can’t see this game having long term appeal – not for me anyway.


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3 Responses to WAR Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With Another Bleedin’ Pet

  1. Gank says:

    You certainly have some stamina to stay in this long. ….. You’re the last WAR blog I bother to read. I enjoy it, but it also reminds me why I stopped playing….if that makes sense?

    • Fez says:

      LOL – Thanks mate. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to last – I’m being suffocated by bleedin’ pets.
      I’ve a post in my head about T4 which may see the light of day some time soon – I keep making new alts to avoid T4 and I don’t spend half as much time playing as I used to.

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