Pets, Pets And More Bleedin’ Pets

Along came 1.4.4 – I stopped playing Space Marine long enough to update and have a look around the latest Myffic offering.
I logged onto my DoK in IC and my first impression was that the graphics have changed – IC looked different. Maybe it was because I haven’t seen it for a while – I’ll have to look into this a bit more.
Personality Pack 3 brings along the following new pets –
Griffonling (Chaos), Imp Skeleton (Chaos), Bulldog (Order), Phoenix (Order) and Ravenspawn & Armored Mite (for both sides).
They are merely cosmetic – I like the Imp Skeleton; looks the best of the lot.
You also get more barber surgeon & trophy tokens but there are no new trophies to be had – or I couldn’t see any.
Booster Pet Pack gives us
Tzeentch Familiar (Chaos) and Drumming Bear (Order)
These give 5% buff to either Weapon Skill, Wounds, Toughness or Initiative dependant on colour chosen.
The Pay2Win noise is building.

I can’t see what all the fuss is about – we already have +3% to speed and +5% to gold pets – it’s obvious the direction that Myffic are going in.
You’ll be able to buy your way into T2 soon – no big deal.

Strangely enough though the packs are not yet available at the Origin store
despite being encouraged to “Adopt a pet today”.

We also have a chance to participate in the Wild Hunt until 28th September

How many more of these bleedin’ pets have Myffic got under the counter?
They are going to have to build an extension to the Undercroft if this goes on.

By the way – Space Marine is really really good but the relentless tide of Orks can get a bit tedious at times. Plenty of room for expanding to other races …..
Is it really a crime to run through the campaign for the first time on easy?


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3 Responses to Pets, Pets And More Bleedin’ Pets

  1. Karic says:

    Well.. about the pay2win noise..
    5% boost doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a rather huge increase in stats. Just think about the price-differences in the auction house between a talisman with 24 stat-points and one with 23. That’s less than 5% stat-difference, but even this small difference can decide a battle .. such RvR-relevant boost packs are tricky and Mythic just didn’t do the right thing with this pack.

    Speed increase is already tricky, but manageable. Handing out additional 5% stats is just too much.. this packs turn the game not only into some “you have to grind more”, but also adds the “you’ll also have to pay more” to compete stuff..and that’s even in a f2p model a bad thing (and therefore not well received by many).

    • Fez says:

      This isn’t the first – Trusty Mount Pack gives an advantage in T2, Progression Pack gives accelerated RR gain, Collectors Edition gives healing camp; all pay-for-an-advantage.
      I think we’re going to have to get used to it as I believe there will be more to come – pay to skip Tier1 is favourite.
      I also think it’s inevitable that WAR will go full F2P with subscribers getting mega bonuses.
      I can only assume there is a business plan behind all this other than gouge everyone before we have to close it down.

      • Karic says:

        There is a difference between a Mount, RR-gain (especially as it kicks in later in the game and decreases after rr80) and just a plain stats-gain.. Imo it’s a huge difference to others it may seem not that much, but it is a difference.
        If WAR would get f2p and offer bonuses like you say, this will scare off a lot of people..if such a pay2win model would be brought to the table the people will run to another game before you can say “ was only a joke”.

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