Don’t Mention The Presentation

It’s been a very quiet WAR/WOH week for me.
I haven’t logged onto WAR for quite a while and to be quite honest I haven’t missed it at all. I’m beginning to question whether it is worth the effort – hopefully the roll-out of 1.4.4 tomorrow will revitalise my interest and then there’s the 3rd anniversary on the 18th.
WOH beta continues but I didn’t get chance to give it another go this weekend so don’t know if there have been any changes.
Speaking of which – it seems that mention of the Pax2011 presentation in the Bioware forums is not welcome as threads are being locked down – the slagging off was getting a little strong.
I’m still struggling to understand why resources were used to develop a free game and not improve WAR – must be a business case somewhere. Still, we’ve been promised that good things are around the corner ….. yet again.

I’m waiting for Space Marine to drop through the letter box – hopefully it will be there today – once it does I’ll be off on a 40k fix for a while. I’ve been assured that multiplayer is where the game really shines and my eldest is straining at the leash to show me his skills.

Maybe what I miss in WAR is some sort of progression other than just armour, weapons and jewellery. There is no RvR story to follow, it’s just hit keep, hit keep, repeat until city scenario then start again. Maybe I’ll take some time out and go PvEing but no one plays it any more because of the dread of gaining XP.


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