WAR Patch 1.4.4

So while the forums continue to debate the flippant remarks made by Barnett and Gouskos denigrating WAR –

Myffic announce the details of the next patch –


Due on the 13th September – there’s some good stuff in there –
Wild Hunt
It’ll be interesting to see if XP avoiding players take part.
Keep Defense
Door repairs will now scale with AAO
Siege equipment will no longer be able to be flown to the keep
Destroying a ram will trigger Successful Defense and provide Heroic Defender buff.
Keep Foreman are returning and will accept Ordnance and Medallions in return for wood and new doors.
New Packs
Something we’ve all been crying out for – more bleedin’ pets.
Booster pet pack for a skills bonus.
Line-up changes

Lots of changes to careers and abilities which look interesting and loads of fixes for quests – maybe they haven’t given up on PvE after all; unlike the players

The RvR changes will be welcome (not sure what the removal of the roaming WC guards is for) and should inject a bit more interest into the game.
Not being able to fly in siege equipment is a good twist and will stop players bunging cannons on walls before the door goes down.
RvR is very stale at the moment and this should tide us over until they come up with some new content.

By the way – Gouskos does redeem herself somewhat with a more considered interview with Gaming Lives –
but I don’t think it will stop our more vocal comrades from waxing wrath.


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