Lots To Look Forward To

Looks like WAR will be taking a back seat for the next few weeks – although there is yet another US holiday bonus going on at present.
Space Marine is coming out on the 6th – already pre-ordered from Amazon – for some reason we can’t pre-order it on Steam in the UK. Hopefully all the gizzits with the pre-orders will be available as DLC at a later date.
I’ve been getting into DoWII Retribution a lot more with the single player campaigns and even revisiting Battle March which I think was hugely under-rated and had great potential.
My youngest has got me playing Borderlands – graphic novel type GFX and loads of weapons – fun FPS.
I keep meaning to give Blood Bowl another go – I might just win a game.

It will be WAR’s 3rd anniversary on the 18th September – new goodies and bonuses?
And there’s 1.4.4 coming up too –  hopefully this will re-energise my interest in T4.
There’s WoH Beta – I gave it another hour last night and got a bit more into the characters. I should think Myffic will now go off and start working through the comments and suggestions before another session.

Anyhow – In between everything else I’ve been playing my Witch Hunter (T3) and Bright Wizard (T2) on Norn. It’s been slow going in T2 as when the Destro zerg is out everyone hides in empty regions – T3 is a lot better with more confrontation.

If you haven’t seen this – http://www.thelordinquisitor.com/ – it’s well worth a look.

By the way – the Ultramarine movie is now available for £4.49p as an HD download – https://shop.ultramarinesthemovie.com/


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