I Think We Have A Winner – Wrath of Heroes

Last night at 21:00 BST – signed onto the Wrath of Heroes server – which I assume is in the US.
By 21:05 I was running around Mourkain Temple as a demented Shaman; part of a 6 person team against 2 other teams.

If you don’t know – Wrath of Heroes is the Play4Free WAR spin-off from Mythic.
You choose your character and then choose random or premade group, once there are 18 players ready to go you get dropped at the spawn point and charge into battle.
When you die you get the chance to change your class to even-out your party before you respawn.
Each career has the same abilities so it’s all down to skill and working together as a team. You do gain experience but there is no indication on how this affects the game/character at the moment; there’s also a Store (closed at the moment) where you will be able to cosmetically enhance your characters (presumably).
I’m not a great one for Scenarios in WAR but this is a little different.
Mourkain Temple has a central objective and 4 peripheral objectives, the first team to 250 points is the winner and no game should last more than 15 minutes.
I was too busy sussing out the abilities and looking around to make much of an impression on the opposition and the hour we had flew past – It’s fast, frenetic and fun.

There was no perceivable lag or graphic problems and it all flowed very smoothly; the effects and voices are very well done and the radio commands are excellent.

Despite my reservations this game is FUN and has the potential to be an excellent dive-in and kill things diversion.
I can see people playing this while leeching renown in WAR – could be a problem.

Go on – sign up for the Beta – what have got to lose?


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4 Responses to I Think We Have A Winner – Wrath of Heroes

  1. Laser says:

    I played it too. Huge huge huge dissapointment. This game wont last wont even last for 1 week.

  2. While it ran smoothly, somewhat, I disagree with your assessment. Its a terribly boring experience. It was just a bunch of gang banging with little strategy most of the time. When you did employ strategy, it was “heal a bunch of melee and steam roll everything”.

    There is little need for map awareness or maneuvering and I found it to be explicitly boring.

    • Fez says:

      There’s a long way to go yet and I’m sure there will be more developments – but it’s a 15 minute burst of running around and killing – nothing fancy.

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