WarhammerOnline Going Play4Free?

According to Gamespot@PAX2011 –
Carrie Gouskos has given a “maybe” to the question as to whether WAR will go P4F
As an interesting tidbit that arose during the Q&A portion of the panel, the
team was asked whether Warhammer Online will transition to a free-to-play model
of its own. To this question, Gouskos answered with a non-committal “maybe.””

Watch this topic – http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/232/index/8216386#8216386

WoH news – “Wrath of Heroes offers scenario-based combat built on three teams of six players each, where rounds last 15 minutes and players can change their heroes on the fly. It also emphasizes leaderboards, unique heroes, and a small download client (under 1GB).”
“There will be a roster of playable heroes that rotate in and out. However,
players can purchase permanent access to the character that they prefer to play
as with real-world money.”

On the WAR front –
I had every intention of levelling up all my Order alts on Norn to T3 but the standard of play in T2 is terrible at the moment – huge Destro zerg and hardly enough Order to make a Warband. I don’t know whether this is anything to do with the x-realming on Norn but it is very discouraging especially when there are no healers about.
When I did manage to get into a WB it was fun making the most of the AAO and my Warrior Priest and Witch Hunter are now both at level 23 and in T3.
I made the most of the 63k quests for The Grudges of King Grolmunn and at lvl 21 I used a War Tract; these helped to propel me toward T3 and all that lovely renown.
A repeating siege-weapon barrage is excellent at delaying a siege especially when used in unison on the ram – they not only damage the ram but also the rammers too. You can also use them when the doors are down by aiming at the stairwell – works very well with a good tank wall.
Does anyone take the blue (lower level) influence rewards or are they surplus to requirements?

Apart from that I’ve also been playing the Space Marine demo – can’t wait for this to be released – it’s a very accurate depiction of 40k industrial grime with loads of gore.
For a change of pace I dug out Warhammer Battle March – a very under-rated game – and started the Imperial Guard campaign in DoWII Retribution; lost a lot of hours to them while it was raining outside.

Back to work next week 😦


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